What is Sublimation?

What is Sublimation?

I have gone sublimation crazy! So, you may ask just what is sublimation?

I think sublimation is the coolest crafting product out there. This unique crafting style allows you to create a digital design and with the use of special ink and coating, it can be permanently imprinted into a substrate with the use of heat. That's all you need to do is print your design using a dye sublimation printer and special transfer paper, then use a heat press to complete the transfer. Easy, you have made a masterpiece! 

People enjoy sublimated products for various occasions! I had no idea how much people love custom items! You can customize for personal use. You can create for special occasions as well as for local businesses. 

The possibilities are endless. And all you need is a heat press and a Sublimation Printer. 

If you are new to sublimation, please review our frequently asked questions to on how to start with sublimation and some of our recommendations on products and equipment! 



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