How I Consistently Make $1000 A Month

How I Consistently Make $1000 A Month

Hey, how are you all doing? Everybody all right? I started crafting at the onset of COVID in July 2020. I needed some extra money to pay for virtual learning for my then 5-year-old twins. I am a single mother and could not leave work to home-school my kids, let alone 2 kindergartners with an Ipad. Uhhmmm No!

So I purchased a heat press from eBay, a Sublimation printer from Sam's Club, and a few blanks from Etsy and burnt them all.


What was I doing wrong? Why am I having to purchase my blanks on the same day that the first order arrived?

I said to myself, "I should sell these blanks." I spent $80 on 20 sublimation masks. I was in the wrong business. And so I thought to myself that instead of customizing masks for customers, who often change their minds two to three times before purchase; I should become the plug. I sought to become a sublimation wholesale provider for my craft friends.

So, I did! I set up a blanks Shopify in February 2021, ordered blanks from trusted vendors and I've scaled to maintain a $1000 per month minimum for the last two years. It blew my mind. I had never heard of sublimation two years prior, but now I make my monthly mortgage just by selling sublimation blanks part-time.


I was about to make over 30k in two years by selling items ranging from $2 - 19.99! Just imagine if I was doing this full-time.

In 2023 I decided I needed to show this to the world!

I set up my site to be recognized by Google and started creating email Flows!  I then set up my keywords and meta tags to rank on the top five pages on the search results page.


To add value to my customers, I created my SEO and Email Marketing course to show you how to use SEO and Email Principles together to scale up the sale of their craft company organically.


For more personal tutoring, I have one-on-one sessions to show new crafters how this is done if you do not a large setting. I also have a mini–Shopify Master Class where I show business owners how to monetize their Shopify dashboards through data analytics. My SEO & Email Marketing Course provides you with detailed steps on how to set up powerful flows. You will also receive an automated email copy to your inbox monthly based on the Monthly Seasonal & Selling Guide. In our exclusive group, you will receive Email Marketing Tips & SEO principles to appear on search engine result pages organically!


My courses are not catered to just crafters alone, they are also suited to all Shopify business owners. Do you want to boost your sales by drawing in a steady stream of new buyers daily? Then check out my Course section to enroll in one of my courses to Scale for 2023!


See you there.



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